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Southern Colorado Top Shop

Southern Colorado Top Shop offers manufacturer’s warranties up to 15 years and labor warranties for 2 years.

Residential Services

Your home’s kitchen and bathroom are the rooms where life happens! These are the areas of your home where you spend time with those you love and the last place you want to worry about germs and bacteria. Solid surface countertops, unlike tile and grout, granite, marble, and stone, are non-porous which means they will never provide a home for germs and bacteria to breed and grow. Solid surface countertops provide the sanitary functionality and easy care that, to this point only high end restaurant stainless steel tops provide, but with the beauty and character that will make your homes kitchen and bath comfortable and welcoming. Solid surface is the PERFECT SURFACE for your homes counter tops.

Commercial Services

First and foremost, commercial countertop surfaces must be durable. High traffic and heavy use in such areas as office buildings, restaurants, schools, and retail stores require special consideration. The long lasting strength and longevity of Solid Surface is the perfect match for these applications. With hundreds of colors to choose from we can meet the design requirements of any interior design. And with the completely customizable fabrication process we use we can create just what you have in mind to greet your customers or office staff in the environment of your dreams. Here are just a few reasons you should choose Solid Surface for your commercial project:

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  • Non-porous: Resistant to mold and mildew growth
  • Easy to clean and resistant to bacteria and mold
  • Highly stain resistant
  • Renewable and repairable; scratches or cuts can be easily sanded or refinished
  • Multiple colors and options can mimic the look of stone or concrete
  • Wide variety of colors

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Locally Owned & Operated

Southern Colorado Top Shop serves the following areas:

  • Colorado Springs
  • Pueblo
  • Cheyenne Wells
  • Sheridan Lake
  • Westcliffe
  • Crestone
  • Lamar
  • Springfield
  • Trinidad
  • San Luis
  • Monte Vista
  • Alamosa
  • And all of Southern Colorado

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