DIY wood map sign

I had originally planned to hang this on the wall in my son’s room but one of the other projects I started this weekend was making him a headboard-my husband had the idea of framing this out and making it into his headboard.

I love maps and I saw one of these wooden map signs at the store for about $300 dollars. That’s about the going price for my afternoon, so why not make one of these myself!

DIY wood cutting boards… again

Cutting boards are just about the most useful tool in the kitchen, but store bought or hand crafted wood ones can get pricey quickly.

I had this vision in my head of a thick slab of wood with a lot of character that could become a focal point on a table.  Over the weekend I created a few of my own wood cutting boards out of a slab found at a local salvage yard.

Can’t get enough of these wooden cutting boards.

DIY wooden countertops

If you are looking for something less minimalist, more traditional and warm, take wood! I suppose that making a wooden countertop is even easier in case you have some wood-working skills. The easiest way is to take some wooden planks, measure them, cut, send and arrange in a countertop. You can also make a small countertop to cover the space near the sink or just in the corner – save some space and use every inch!

We love DIY wood countertops; here are 12 more options.